Learning Circles

“Learning together is often more fun than learning alone.” Miller and Rollnick

Based on research, becoming proficient in motivational interviewing takes more than a workshop or intensive.  It takes ongoing training and practice, and ideally supervision and feedback.  We have created virtual Learning Circles to meet that need.

Learning Circles include:

  • 6 sessions, 1-hour, facilitated, that occur every two weeks over three months.  Either Erica or Elisha will guide each session.
  • Skill focus for each session, based on the specific needs and desires of the group.
  • Dedicated part of each session for skill-focused “real-play”, followed by feedback and discussion.
  • Opportunity at each session for one, participant related case study.  This will also be an opportunity for group discussion and feedback.
  • Each session will be recorded and distributed to all participants. If you have to miss one, you will still have access to the content.

Each Learning Circle is limited to six participants to maximize learning and engagement.

Cost: $195

Next Session: Begins May 14th, 2020