Foundational Skills of Motivational Interviewing - Part II

Elisha Rain and Erica Mouch are registered dietitian nutritionists focused on supporting healthcare professionals find more ease and excitement in working with their clients through Motivational Interviewing (MI). They are passionate about MI, Health At Every Size® and Intuitive Eating.

This full-day, in-person training builds on the skills learned in Part I by learning and practicing the basic structure of an MI conversation. This helps provide a clear and graceful frame within which to use the basic skills you previously learned.

Part II then provides ample time to integrate the basic skills into the structure with practice activities and demonstrations.

This intensive program is geared toward healthcare practitioners who have a beginning understanding of MI and who want to deepen their practice. We have built in a variety of practice activities and techniques to cover diverse learning styles.

This Training will provide lectures, demonstration, and practice with:

The basic structure of an MI conversation, the 4 processes: engagement, focusing, engaging, and planning.

Understanding and practicing summaries.

Incorporating basic skills, and the spirit of motivational interviewing into the 4 processes.

Expansive time for role-play and practicing.

Tuition: $175
6.5 CPEU credits available for RDN/RD
Limit 20

Next Offering: TBD

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2-Day Intensives

This training provides a comprehensive dive into the core concepts and structures of motivational interviewing, as well as meaningfully expanded time for practice.

While this training is geared towards basic comprehension of the components of MI, it is valuable for practitioners at all points in their practice journey.

3-Day Intensives

A 3-day training allows for a fully immersive experience. Though typically geared towards practitioners who have already had some practice and experience with MI, this training can also be valuable for someone newer in the process.

Because of the variety of experience levels, this training naturally includes a wide perspectives and experiences which provide a rich learning environment for all involved.

1/2-Day Intros

As a brief intro, this training is often a great fit for organizations who are looking to introduce MI to their staff. It provides a high level introduction to the core concepts and structures of MI, as well as a couple of experiential practice exercises.

While not designed to create opportunities for deep practice, it will delight and inspire future exploration into the power of MI in the work of behavior change.

Lunch & Learns

These brief, 1-hour learning opportunities are focused on bite-sized components of MI. They can be catered to the organization interested in these trainings.  Examples:

“A Brief Introduction to MI”

“What Are the 4 Core Skills of MI?”

“What Are the 4 Processes of MI?”

“Making Reflections More Powerful”

“Embody the Spirit of MI”